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The Ultimate Checklist of Questions to Ask Commercial Cleaners

By on October 16, 2017

Contract cleaning is one of the most commonly outsourced tasks by business, but according to Nicholas Pastras, a Cleaning Company CEO with 22 years’ experience in the commercial cleaning industry, up to 50% of cleaning contracts are turned over each year, because of high degrees of dissatisfaction and churn in the contract cleaning industry.

But Pastras claims to have mitigated the risks involved in contracting an unsatisfactory cleaner with a checklist that he recently release on the Smart Cleaning Solutions website. The checklist contains 37 specific questions to ask a potential cleaning company under 7 topics, and it covers issue such as, experience, effective communications, security, insurance, quality management systems, response to issues, and contract clauses to watch out for, and insist upon.

According to Pastras, the checklist is comprehensive and addresses every possible risk associated with hiring a contract cleaner. “It takes the risk out the process and ensures that you get a good service provider. And that’s really important, he says, “because cancelling a contract mid term can be problematic” he said. If you are a business owner or facilities manager looking o hire a contract cleaner, you can read more about the checklist and download it here.

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